Practical C# Programming Workshop

— by IT Society, MMU Melaka.

Join us and jumpstart your C# journey!
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Something you need to know…

  1. This workshop is suitable for beginners — however, due to time constraint, participants are recommended to have at least some basic knowledge on programming .
  2. We highly suggest all participants to bring their own laptop .
  3. All participants are expected to have Visual Studio Community 2017 installed (Click here for a short installation guide).
    • We will be having a setup/installation session a few days prior to the workshop – those who need help are welcomed! (Click here for more info)

Event Details

  • Date: 27/01/2018 (Week 10, Saturday)
  • Time: 12.30PM – 6.00PM (Note: Lunch/Dinner is not provided!)
  • Venue: Graphic Lab (MNCR0001)
  • Fees: Free! (IT Society Member) · RM10 (Non IT Society Member)


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Interested? Register by filling out the Google Form here. Remember to check your email from time to time! We will update you via email when there is any changes.


Payment can be made by cash to:

  1. our person in charge
    • Gary Ng +60143808122
    • KS Koh +60176815218
    • Wong Chang He +60129161580
  2. IT Society room (MNBR1014)
    • remember to leave your name, student ID and contactable phone number/email
  3. or on-the-spot during the workshop

Map to IT Society Room (MNBR1014)

ITSOC Room Map


Installing Visual Studio Community 2017

For a complete guide on installing Visual Studio, check this article on Microsoft Docs.


  1. Download Visual Studio Community 2017 (It’s free!)
    Visual Studio download page
  2. Run the installer
  3. On the Workload page, select .NET Desktop development
    Workload selection on Visual Studio installation page
  4. Wait…Wait…
  5. Click launch after the installation have completed
  6. Sign in (or you can skip it)
    Visual Studio Sign In Page
  7. Select Visual C# for the development environment
    Visual Studio Developement Environment Page
  8. You are good to go!
Setup Session

Setup/Installation Session

If you need help on the installation, you can find us at IT Society Room (MNBR1014) at 7 - 8pm everyday (starting from Wednesday, 24/1/2018 until Friday, 26/1/2018).
Make sure to contact our person in charge before coming!


Materials used in the workshop

Loading… Reviewing and finalizing… Check back later!


Want more?

Already have some basics in C# and you want to learn more? Click for to request us to organize an intermediate/advanced C# workshop!

For intermediate level, you can expect to learn more on how to integrate with other libraries, dive deeper into C# (how to async/await, more OOP-related concepts, etc), more WPF goody (like the MVVM architecture, or how to style your app), how to use external tools to organize your source code (Git and GitHub), etc.

For advanced level, we will look at our source code with a higher level of abstraction – how to write good code and recognize/avoid bad code, how to DRY and adhere to SOLID principle, how to apply design patterns in your code, etc.

Note: Everything is not finalized yet!

However, because the threshold for intermediate/advanced level is relatively high (hence the name ‘intermediate’/’advanced’), we will only do it when we have enough requests.


Ohh, yeah…

…you will also be getting:

  1. Certificate
  2. SAPS points

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